Right now, we are at that point of the year where we are not sure what season it is. It changes three times every hour. You leave the house under a baking sun, turn the corner into a monsoon, before getting a face full of hail. But we know, this isn’t going to last. Soon it will be summertime. 
Some of us have been dreaming about this moment for months. We have been planning barbecues, pool parties, house parties, and just-because parties, where we’re walking around with trays full of mocktails and wearing Bermuda shorts. 
OK, it might not turn out quite that way, but we can dream. First, however, we need to make sure that we have our house looking summer ready. 
Here are four things that you can do. 
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Start with a good old-fashioned Spring Clean 

The weird thing about the winter months, is that we seem to hoard all sorts of things. Come springtime, your house has become a veritable treasure trove of miscellaneous knickknacks. Your house probably looks a bit cramped right now. 
What you need to do is create a little bit of space in your home, and your garden. 
Gut the place. Be merciless. Load up your car and offload any unneeded junk at your local tip or recycling centre. Not only will you have more space to enjoy, but your home will also feel cooler, and look lighter. 

Get the jet wash out for a summer ready look 

It is amazing what a good exterior cleaning can do for your house. 
Getting the jet wash out for your brick work will give your house a fresh and new look. But don’t just stop at your walls on the outside of your house. 
Do you have a drive? Or a patio? Or a path through the garden? 
Where there is stonework, brickwork, or similar, give it a proper cleanse and spray. Your house will look new and inviting in no time. 
Garden watering can summer ready

Nurture your garden ready for summer 

There is no point having a summer party if you are ashamed or embarrassed by your garden. Nobody is going to want to sit indoors whilst the sun is high in the sky and the ice-cream vans are singing in the street. So, you will need that garden sorted; pronto. 
For some, that might be as simple as mowing the lawn and planting a few flowers. For others that might mean tip runs, turfing, laying a patio, or building some decking or garden summer houses. 
If you are going to invest in any part of your home this year, make it your garden. Now that we are looking at having a summer where we are allowed to intermingle and enjoy company, your garden could be the busiest room of your house. 

Install, repair, or just clean your barbecue 

Of course, you can’t forget the most important part of a summer party. The barbecue. When you can smell the steaks sizzling from the garden or hear the swearing as the “chef” spends half an hour getting the barbecue lit; you know it is summer. Times are good. 
But your barbecue has been sat getting cold and wet throughout the winter. Even if you have covered it, there will still be sheltering spiders and other creatures living in or around it. So now is the time to get it all dusted off and inspected. 
After all, what reason is there to have a garden in summer if your barbecue doesn’t work? 
If you are looking for ways to get your home and garden ready for summer, please feel free to contact us at any time by calling 01604 652 920 or email us on info@srgillbuilders.co.uk. 
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