On the 15th of June, significant changes to building regulations came into effect. The idea behind the changes is to improve energy efficiency and help the United Kingdom move towards its Net Zero targets. 
Construction and other building industries have always been a major contributor to the overall carbon emissions. It is only right that as we move towards a healthier planet, building and construction plays its part. 
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Changes are temporary until 2025 

Whilst the changes are welcome, as are any efforts to move towards a carbon neutral future, these changes are only a stop gap. These are all done in advance of the Future Homes and Building Standards introduction in 2025. 
These new regulations will require significant cuts to carbon emissions. The current changes are to lessen the shock and severity of the changes when the 2025 regulations are introduced. 

So, what has changed? 

The changes this year specifically reference new homes, extension, existing buildings, and non-domestic buildings. The builders have measures to take to that help cut carbon emissions by up to 30%. These changes mean that the builder is responsible for knowing how the changes may affect the work you are doing. 
Guidance on ways to meet the building regulations can be found in the Approved Documents area on the GOV.UK website
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What happens if your building was still in planning before the change? 

Any plans submitted before the 15th of June will still be considered under the previous regulations, on the proviso that building work starts before 15th of June 2023. New housing developments that gained planning permission under the old regulations must start before 15th June 2023. 
Any other work not presented before the 15th June 2022 fall under the newer regulations. 

What penalties occur for not following regulations? 

The move to reduce our carbon emissions is a quest that is taken very seriously by the UK and its constituencies. Local Authorities may serve you with an enforcement notice and legal action could be taken should these regulations not be followed. 

How will this affect the customer? 

The regulations have been brought into effect to benefit customers as well as the environment. Installing EV points in new builds and improving ventilation will not only lower the carbon emissions and energy loss, but effectively provide the customer with superior living conditions. 
If you have any questions about the new regulations that are coming into effect, please contact us on 01604 380 930 and we will happily discuss the benefits of the new regulations with you. 
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