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Are you struggling for extra space in your home? Or looking to increase your properties value? A garage conversion is a great way to solve both of these problems. Make the most of your unused space by transforming it into a comfortable, functional room. Converting a garage into a liveable space can offer numerous benefits and improve your home in various ways. 
Is your garage one of the millions across the UK that go underutilised? There are many reasons why garages aren’t used for cars, but the main reason is that they aren’t big enough to comfortably fit your vehicle. Whilst they may not be big enough for your family saloon, they're plenty big enough to add livable space to your home and improve your lifestyle! This blog will discuss four fantastic benefits of converting your garage to maximise space and value: expanded living area, increased property value, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. 
So, you have a garage, and you don’t necessarily want it. I mean, the space is welcome and everything, but you just don’t use your garage for its intended purpose. What can you do with a garage you’re not using? 
There are so many options. 
Some ideas might depend upon your budget, other’s might depend on planning permission or builders in the local area. 
Here are a few ideas of what you can do with a garage you’re not using. 
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