Block paving has seen something of a revival over the last few years. It always seems a little tidier than a gravel driveway, and a lot prettier than a simple concrete drive or slabbed path. So, with them seemingly dropping out of the sky everywhere, you could be forgiven for thinking about your own driveway right now. 
So, what are the benefits to block paving? 
Is there anything beyond “looking pretty” that should make people consider getting their drive, patio, or path block paved? 
Damp and mould can affect your health

Block paving adds value to your property 

You might not be in the market to move right now. But then, anything can happen. You might, in a year or two, decide that your gorgeous home is not big enough; or you want to move to another area. If this is the case, having a block-paved patio or drive will only help you. 
Well-constructed features like this are renowned for adding value to homes. It enhances the kerb appeal of your property which is always a plus for buyers. 

There is less fade on block paving 

Nothing stays looking brand new forever, does it? There is always some amount of wear and tear. Really, the idea is to keep your drive or patio looking as fresh as possible for as long as you can. 
Block paving does have the advantage of being more fade resistant than other forms of paving. So that stunning design you have installed stays stunning for longer. 
Mould and Damp

Cost-effective repairs 

Accidents happen. It could be kids playing and accidentally breaking a bit of the drive or patio, or the neighbour’s pesky cat knocking over a plant pot. At some point, regardless of what material you use, you are going to see some damages. 
That’s the beauty of having block paving. If a brick breaks, it isn’t going to take three litres of concrete to fix. It will take one easily sourced brick; and that makes it a lot more cost-effective. 

A variety of shapes colours and patterns 

Let’s be honest. Concrete drives and paved patios just aren’t pretty. They are grey. Occasionally interrupted by a gap where a slab has shifted, but that doesn’t make them any more interesting to look at. 
Block paving, on the other hand, is much more interesting to look at. They don’t have to be monochrome. A patio or drive can interlock various colours or be laid in interesting patterns. 
You can brand your home with an individual identity that sets your home apart from your neighbours. No more keeping up with the Joneses; be a trendsetter 

Interlocking pattern adds strength 

Just like the bricks on your house, interlocking stones add resilience and strength. No more separating slabs as constant pressure is applied over years. You can park your car on a block paving driveway with much more comfort. 
The same goes for the paths and patios. As kids bounce balls across your garden, or drunk adults careen around at barbecues, your paths will stay better protected for all those little accidents that can happen. 

So, are you still thinking about block paving? 

You are only reading this article because you take pride in your home. You want the best from it, and you want it to look its very best. What responsible homeowner or occupant wouldn’t? 
Block paving is certainly a great addition to your home. It will make a great impression on those people craning their necks over your back fence and will really excite the postman and Amazon delivery driver. 
If you are interested in block paving, please feel free to contact us at any time by calling 01604 652 920 or email us on 
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