So, you have a garage, and you don’t necessarily want it. I mean, the space is welcome and everything, but you just don’t use your garage for its intended purpose. What can you do with a garage you’re not using? 
There are so many options. 
Some ideas might depend upon your budget, other’s might depend on planning permission or builders in the local area. 
Here are a few ideas of what you can do with a garage you’re not using. 
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Convert your garage into a home office 

You might be one of the many people who found themselves working at home since the pandemic began. Like many companies, yours might have decided not to return to the office or have opted for some form of hybridity. 
That’s great. But it does mean that you will need to create adequate space so that your job doesn’t interfere with your daily life. 
Luckily you have a garage that you’re not really using, isn’t it? 
Drumming Garage

Add a hobby room to your home 

Are you a painter, or a sculptor? Perhaps you are a world-class flautist who needs space to record your next masterpiece. Perhaps you’ve just bought a drumkit and or bagpipes and you are really enthusiastic about learning. 
A hobby room might be required immediately. 
It’s not that you don’t have the space to set up your easels or install your kiln, and it’s not that your thumpy-squealing music is irritating your family, it’s just that having a space for your hobby is a great idea. 
The garage, with suitable lighting and soundproofing might be a great place to have all this. 

How about a utility room to save space in the house? 

As it is easy to incorporate a door to many garages that links to the house, you could use the garage as a place to do your laundry. Rather than trying to cram that tumble dryer into your home, or to find a place to air your clothes during the raining months; you could repurpose your garage to help. 
It is especially useful if you have pets and need a boot room before you enter the house and track a field full of soil through your kitchen. 

Great space for exercising and working out 

Which citizen of the pandemic were you? Were you the one who adopted a new pet into the home of extra company? Were you the one who started to bake new breads, cakes, or invested in an air fryer? Or, like so many others, were you the one who started to get themselves fit and healthy? 
It has been great to see more people taking good care of their bodies than ever before, but let’s be honest, working out requires space. 
Heading into the winter months you might not fancy a dreary run down to the canal, or people might be getting sick of you doing your “30-day abs” crunches in the living room whilst they are trying to watch Brooklyn 99. It also might be that you have accumulated a collection of weights, skipping ropes, and those funky foam log things. 
Wouldn’t a gym be an ideal thing for you to convert your garage into? 
Garage working out gym

Or maybe you have an abundance of great ideas of your own 

The list is exhaustive. There are so many things that you could turn your garage into. It’s pretty much down to your imagination at the end of the day. 
You want a man cave? You go for it. 
You want to install a bar or a hot tub? The world is your oyster my friend. 
However, what you do need is a company that you can trust to do a professional job and help you make the most of the space. 
Please feel free to contact us about your garage conversion at any time by calling 01604 652 920 or email us on 
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