There are many reasons that you would be considering installing a driveway. 
It might be that you have just moved into a property and want to update its look. You might wish to bring your car closer to the house instead of parking it on a road. But you have made the decision to have one laid. 
So now what do you need to consider when planning a driveway? 
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Your driveway must be practical and easy to access 

There is no standard minimum width for a driveway, so whatever design you choose needs to be practical. Consider how many vehicles will be using it; and how easy it will be for the to get out of the drive. 
You also might need to consider that your drive will need to be big enough for both cars to open their doors so that people can get in and out of the car. 
Go through this with your builder. They will help make sure that your driveway gives you easy access from the road to your drive and allows enough room for reversing from the road. 

Current trees or shrubbery might be affected 

Despite opening up your driveway, you might still prefer to have a element of privacy. Trees and shrubs are great ways to make the front of your house more secluded, but bear in mind, that any digging for your driveway might cause damage to whatever roots are under your garden. 
Not to mention those pesky utilities cables. 
This is where your builder or designer comes in. They will be able to advise on the best ways to be planting trees and how to circumnavigate any issues with existing foliage. 
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What style of driveway do you want? 

You know, a driveway is not just a driveway. It is the first impression your home makes on anyone visiting or walking past. And there are so many different styles of driveway you could have. 
You might want something simple. You might like durable and cost-effective tarmac. You might prefer to have an intricate pattern that boggles the mind. You may like the look of those loose gravel driveways that we used to steal pebbles from as kids. 
Whatever you do, give it some serious thought. Once the drive is laid, it will be there for a good long while. You don’t want to have to revamp it in a year, do you? 

Do you have the correct planning permission? 

Most premises will be fine to add a new driveway to. Especially if the property is your own and not council owned. However, don’t take this for granted. It is best to check with your local council. 
Varying issues will factor in their decision, such as any drainage issues with the property. Different councils also interpret legislation very differently, so when getting permission, make sure you have it in writing. 
If you need any help with your driveway, then let us know by calling  
01604 652 920. We look forward to helping you with your new driveway project, 
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