We offer damp surveys  

If you think you have a problem with damp in your home, call the team at S.R. Gill Builders. We provide high-quality and professional damp surveys across Northamptonshire. Our damp surveys are approximately £50 + VAT, which will be refunded from any work that has been completed by us. 

Identify the problem early with a damp survey 

As soon as you have noticed a damp problem affecting your property, booking a damp survey is always the most effective way to go about it. Instead of trying to inspect the issue yourself, you will save more time and money by contacting a professional. Our experienced surveyors can identify the cause of the damp problem and provide the most appropriate and cost-effective specification for repairs. 

Don’t leave a damp problem untreated 

Untreated damp can cause damage which leads to significant repair costs. When diagnosed promptly and professionally the underlying causes of the damp in your home can be addressed and treated effectively. When you first suspect you have a damp problem that is the best time to act by calling SR Gill Builders. 

What to expect on a damp survey from SR Gill Builders 

SR Gill Builders will carry out a thorough inspection of your home including cellars and lofts to try and ensure that every possible cause of damp is identified. 
Our qualified surveyors will: 
Identify the damp problem within your home 
Determine the moisture source 
Inspect any existing damp proofing 
Inspect any problems with the building or its structure 
Identify potential future problems resulting from damp 
Provide a comprehensive quotation and specification of treatments 

Recommending and providing the best solutions 

No matter the problem we uncover, SR Gill Builders can offer you an appropriate course of damp proofing. We use a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and tried and tested techniques. Our skilled and experienced team deliver a personalised, tailored service that is designed to meet your needs.  

Organise a quote today 

So, if you are worried about a damp, black mould, or woodworm problem in your home, contact SR Gill Builders for an honest damp survey. 
01604 380 930 | info@srgillbuilders.co.uk 
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