Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your garden. In fact, those outdoor evenings will be some of the best. Do you want to entertain, or would you rather enjoy the space all by yourself?  
Create a cosy winter paradise by implementing a few of the following suggestions. 
A firepit burning wood in a garden

Add a fire pit for winter warmth 

Fire pits are a fantastic way to enjoy your garden in winter. They warm you while adding a cosy, crackling ambience that’s perfect for toasting marshmallows and sipping wine. 
They come in all shapes and sizes so finding one that’s perfect for your garden won’t be difficult. There’s something satisfying about watching and listening to wood burning on a cold winter evening. 
If you want to be especially fancy, opt for hickory or apple wood to add a lovely scent to your evening. Be sure to avoid soft or wet wood as they burn quickly and release harmful chemicals. 
No one would blame you if you felt the need to dust off the old guitar for a fireside singalong. 

Consider outdoor heaters 

Outdoor heaters are a great way to make your garden more liveable in winter. They’re effective at heating a small area even in low temperatures. They project heat outward and make your outdoor space comfortably warm in no time. 
This is a great solution if you’re looking to entertain outside or enjoy an al fresco meal in the colder months. 
Have you ever watched a film outside? A simple set up with projector and screen would pair perfectly with outdoor heating. As will that lovely wine with cheese.. 

Create ambience 

Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Use creative lighting to transform your garden into a magical place when the darkness creeps in. 
Incorporating spotlights throughout your garden will elevate the aesthetic of your outside space. Using perforated screens or fences will create a fantastical dance of light that will make your garden look like gateway to a fairy-tale. 
Water features always look great during the day, but they look even better at night. Delicate lighting bouncing off the surface and the gentle sound of flowing water will transport you to a place of calm in no time. 
A garden pathway with lighting

Attract wildlife to your garden 

Make your garden a paradise for wildlife. What better way to enjoy your garden then to look out on a wintry morning and see furry creatures scampering through your bushes. 
Your garden doesn’t have to be messy to attract the local wildlife. A simple bird feeder will attract our feathery friends and fill your home with the sound of chirping. What’s not to love about that?. 

Plant winter flowers 

There are many flowers that thrive in winter. Your garden doesn’t have to adopt the winter gloom. Instead, create a colourful vista without much effort by planting winter flowers. Adding plants and flowers that thrive in winter will also be great for the local wildlife. Your garden will be a haven for you and your buzzing and furry friends. 
You don’t have to make drastic changes to your garden to be able to enjoy it in winter. Implementing a few of these suggestions will make your garden more liveable in winter and the envy of the neighbourhood. 
If you are looking for ways to get your garden winter ready, please feel free to contact us at any time by calling 01604 380 930 or email us on info@srgillbuilders.co.uk. 
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