There are many reasons you might be considering the value of your home. Whether you’re thinking about putting your house on the market or just want to make the most of your property, these tips will help you make your property more valuable. 
From free or inexpensive improvements to projects that require investment, we’ll look at several ways to add value to your home.. 
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Repaint and redecorate your home 

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve your property while adding value is to redecorate. If paint is peeling and looking tired a fresh coat or a change of colour will make a world of difference. 
Consider how your current lighting works with the paint and features of your home. If needed, you can choose lighter colours to brighten otherwise dark rooms for a more homely feel. 
What condition is your flooring in? Could your home benefit from cosy carpeting? Consider the purpose and feel of each room. Choosing the right flooring option will elevate the design and atmosphere of living spaces. 
Add value by installing high-strength security doors on entrances and exits. Improve both the security and the energy efficiency of your property. These are a worthwhile investment whether you’re planning to stay or move on. Style doesn’t have to be compromised for security. These doors come in countless designs, so finding one that will fit your aesthetic won’t be difficult. 

Focus on the kitchen and bathroom 

Kitchens and bathrooms both hold a lot of potential for increasing value. Kitchens are no longer just rooms for cooking and washing up. They’ve become the heart of the home where we end up spending most of our time. Investing in appliances and fixtures in the kitchen while optimising the layout will greatly enhance its utility and appeal. 
Bathrooms have become more of a “sanctuary” than a room for washing. Even inexpensive changes such as better shower heads and taps will make a significant difference. 
If remodelling is on the cards, investing in LED lighting will transform the look and feel the room. Dual shower heads are also increasing in popularity along with an open-plan wet room approach. 
However much you want to spend, there are plenty of ways to improve these key rooms within your house. 

Add value with a new central heating system 

Updating an older central heating system will add value, even to an already valuable property. If you’re planning on staying in the house for a while, the investment will pay for itself. If your intention is to sell the property, having a new, efficient heating system will be very attractive to potential buyers. 
Recent energy price rises are a concern for homeowners and renters throughout the country, so having a new, energy efficient system is an asset for your property. 
A secondary but great benefit of installing a new heating system is the added space you’ll gain. Traditional systems take up a lot of space and can even be quite noisy. A modern system will chug along quietly and efficiently, getting you toasty warm in no time. 
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Consider a cellar conversion 

If you’re looking to add serious value to your home and are willing to invest some time and money into the venture, a garage or cellar conversion is an excellent option. 
There are countless options for all that extra space you’ll gain. You could add an extra bedroom, kitchen, or man cave! Whatever you decide to do with the space, the value of your home will increase significantly. 
If you would like to discuss increasing the value of your home by converting your cellar or garage, please get in touch. We are expert builders that will help you realise your dream home. Contact us at any time by calling 01604 380 930 or email us on 
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