As this year comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to breathe fresh life into your space. Welcome in the new year in a home that emits style, comfort, and functionality. 
There are plenty of ways that you can improve your space and add value to your property this year. For example, from small improvements such as adding a new coat of paint to your kitchen, to transformative renovations. 

Improve your insulation and damp proofing 

Improving your property’s insulation and damp proofing is crucial for maintaining a comfortable, healthy, and structurally sound home. 
Despite everyones energy bills increasing in the latter half of the year, you could also be suffering the effects of poor insulation. If you’ve been struggling with abnormally high energy bills recently, it might be worth looking into your homes insulation. There are many ways to go about this. For example, your homes insulation can be improved in the loft, walls, and floor. Properly insulating your property helps to regulate indoor temperatures, while reducing energy bills. 
If you suspect the presence of damp in your home, its best to act quickly. Ensure you have a professional damp proofing company conduct a thorough damp survey. This will help pinpoint any issues, like rising damp, condensation, or leaks. Getting damp proofing techniques installed such as damp injection, or tanking basements will prevent moisture penetration and property damage. SR Gill Builders offer a damp survey to customers experiencing rising damp. 
Enhance your homes insulation, address any damp issues, and weatherproof your property for maximum comfort and durability this new year.  
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Expand with an extension 

Have you been dreaming of more space? If your space feels limited, it might be time to explore the possibility of a home extension this new year. Whether you’re looking for a cosy sunroom, or an additional bedroom. Extensions have so many benefits. They not only provide you with extra space, but they also add value onto your home. 
DIY home renovation

Renovate your unused spaces 

If you haven’t got the garden space for an extension, why not renovate your existing rooms? Take your unused cellar or garage for example. 
You could have thoughts of a small home cinema, a games room for the kids, or a retreat for you to enjoy favourite hobby in peace. Whether you’re looking for a wine cellar or basement kitchen, the possibilities are endless! 
By converting your cellar or garage into a liveable room, you not only gain a luxury conversion, but you also add value to your property. 

Give your garden an upgrade 

Its not only the inside of your home that deserves some TLC this new year. Make sure you don’t neglect your garden by adding some outside improvements. 
Transform your ordinary garden into an extraordinary space. Small additions such as a patio, some landscaping, or stylish pathways can easily enhance the look of your garden. The addition of a patio or some decking can greatly improve the look and functionality of your outdoor space. Simply add some garden furniture to create a cosy space to sit and socialise with loved ones. 
Improve your gardens privacy with a sleek garden fence. This not only stops any nosy neighbours from looking in, but also helps to keep our garden looking contained and sophisticated. 

Consult with a professional 

Engaging with a reliable building company ensures you will receive professional advice, high-quality workmanship, and a smooth execution of your home improvement projects. 
Turn your dream home into a reality this year. Whether big or small, every upgrade adds value and comfort to your space. If you have any home maintenance issues that you would like to get resolved, please get in touch. 
If you need home maintenance or want an expert opinion, call us on 01604 380 930 | 
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